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Police Collecting

PC News - Sept-Oct - Headline


Police collecting is the fun and challenging hobby of collecting law enforcement insignia, artifacts and memorabilia. Public safety personnel and supporters around the world are active collectors.

Insignia includes metal and cloth badges, cloth uniform shoulder emblems, and other accouterments worn on uniforms. Artifacts are challenge coins, photographs of law enforcement vehicles and officers in uniform, ball caps and other headgear, restraints, and much more. Memorabilia are historic photographs, documents, publications, signage, coffee cups and glassware, t-shirts, key chains, police vehicle scale models, and badge or emblem pins.


Police collectibles are bought, sold, and traded by collectors and vendors. The best way to find collectibles is at collector shows held across the United States, Canada, and other countries. Collectibles can also be found online or at antique stores, gun and knife shows, and through active and retired law enforcement officers who are collectors.

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